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Flying to Australia is not like your normal hop across to the States or the Caribbean.. It’s a LONG flight - 22 hours to Australia (10,560 miles or 16,994 kilometres) between Sydney and London and about 24 hours to New Zealand (all up) is about the fastest average achievable time using the Kangaroo route over Asia with a short 1 hour stopover for refuelling.

However all the carriers flying from the UK to Australia have very modern comfortable aircraft (including the amazing new A380 Airbus ‘Super Jumbo’ ) with superb onboard entertainment and food, and the time passes pretty quickly. We do however - STRONGLY suggest - you take a stopover break either on the way over to Australia or New Zealand or the way back - or both!

There are a number of different ways to fly to Australia or NZ. The most popular are:

Kangaroo Route: Via Middle East & South East Asia: Popular Stopover Destinations:

Dubai Accommodation & Stopover Options
Doha (Qatar) Accommodation & Stopover Options
Abu Dhabi Accommodation & Stopover Options
Singapore Accommodation & Stopover Options
Kuala Lumpur Accommodation & Stopover Options
Bali Accommodation & Stopover Options
Bangkok Accommodation & Stopover Options
Hong Kong Accommodation & Stopover Options 

Doha (Qatar)
Abu Dhabi
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Bali (Indonesia)
Bangkok (Thailand)
Hong Kong

Northern (Polar) Route: Air New Zealand (Including ‘Round the World’ Stopover Itineraries)  Air New Zealand Route Map here:
Air New Zealand offers a unique situation in that it is the only airline that operates it's own aircraft ‘Round the World’ from London Heathrow to New Zealand and Australia - providing a ‘Round the World’ flight to Australia/NZ of out in one direction - back the other.  

USA: Los Angeles & San Francisco Stopover Options

Asia: Hong Kong, Tokyo & Shanghai Stopover Options

Pacific: Hawaii, Cook Islands, Tahiti & Fiji Stopover Options

Stopover Cities/Countries:
America: California: Los Angeles, San Francisco
Asia: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai
Pacific: Hawaii, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Fiji
Australia & New Zealand

Pretty cool! You can shop till you drop in Hong Kong, Explore LA, beautiful San Francisco & California - or further afield - hop across to New York on an internal US flight. On your way to NZ or Australia (or both) you can also explore the South Pacific with stopovers in timeless Fiji - or one of our favourite and most affordable stopover destinations - the beautiful unspoilt laid back Cook Islands - or the quintessential and beautiful islands of Tahiti - Bora Bora is absolutely a must do! You might be even able to watch the Hawaii 5 O team do their stuff in Hawai! Book em’ Danno!

Example Round the World itineraries
London - Hong Kong - Auckland - Los Angeles - London
Edinburgh - Los Angeles - Cook Islands - Sydney - Auckland - Shanghai - London
Manchester - San Francisco - Queenstown - Auckland - Tokyo - Manchester
Dublin - Hong Kong - Cairns / make your own way / Melbourne - Auckland - San Francisco - Dublin

When travelling to New Zealand and/or Australia you can choose from 4 Asia stopover points (Hong Kong, Beijing*, Shanghai* or Tokyo*); 3 USA stopover points (Los Angeles, San Francisco* or Honolulu*) and 3 Pacific Island** stopover points (The Cook Islands, Fiji* or Tahiti*). Note: Australia and other Pacific islands can be added for a supplement.

Airfares are complex! However ,we are experts at providing the right airfare(s) at the right price - whether its the shortest possible route to Australia and or New Zealand, or a more leisurely journey with stopovers en route, or a wonderful ‘around the the world’ airfare option. Whatever airline or route you chose we can integrate it seamlessly with your tailor made itinerary to give you the best possible price and options.

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